Photography Lighting & Equipment Tips : How to Position Lights for Photography

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    Using a key light off to one side is commonly referred to as rembrandt lighting.
    Using a light in the center, high up pointing down at the model is commonly referred to as butterfly lighting.

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    I always used a softbox and strong light in the studio. Love softboxes. Experimenting in the studio at school was such fun. I am no longer doing studio photography but more outside and abstract stuff.


    I agree. In my experience, as time passes, more families and couples are comfortable with women than men taking their portraits. More models are turning to smart and savvy women who they feel better understand the emotional challenges of being in front of the camera. Women may have been held back in certain cases, but today, they have a lot of opportunity (here, anyway; can’t speak for certain nations around the globe)

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    proteus111 > “Photography remains opressed.”

    Are you kidding? Woman have been involved in photography since very beginning. Julia Cameron, in the mid-1800’s, pioneered many of the portrait styles used today, such as soft focus with close cropping. Margaret Bourke-White covered battles in Europe & Battle of Moscow for Life magazine during WWII. Dorothea Lange’s photos of the Great Depression still grace national museums. Just like those woman years ago, nobody is stopping women today.

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    excellent, please do more. Could you please set up with actual distances and show your numbers (shutter and fstops) and the relation to a reference flash-guide number.
    I would really like to be able to take any one of my flashes, set it up to a guide power output and have a solid shutter/fstop number that will always work without fail.
    Is this possible?

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