Learn Photo Editing for magazines and wedding photographers

Photography Video Ranking: 4 / 5

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  1. FlyBoysNationTV

    hey can someone make me something ? msg me

  2. DayTripperLennon

    thanks man. I’m going to invest in your PhotoShop basics lessons soon.

  3. architectus777

    photoshop basics shows you how to use Photoshop. This one shows you how to manipulate photos and fix photos, etc using Photoshop.

  4. DayTripperLennon

    What’s the difference between this video and the PhotoShop basics videos? As a beginner, which one should I buy first?

  5. amazingRec

    photoshop CS3

  6. zahara4r

    Going to visit a Russian girl gettop5.info

  7. nebsurfer9

    wait wut program r u using?

  8. architectus777

    I decided to do this instead. I might do a third one on photo restoration. There is much money to make in that field as well.

  9. carvalli009

    I love your work. You’re absolutely brilliant. I’m going to be purchasing your 2 dvds this week. I was just wondering if you still have the dvd you said you were going to be offering on retouching about 1 year ago (I think you mentioned Amazon). It was supposedly based on your techniques shown in your earlier retouching vids. Thank you and please keep the vids coming. You’re a true renaissance man. Take care.

  10. architectus777

    haha, sorry. Good thing is that it’s only $7 bucks.

  11. francerulzv99

    Dang, if I knew this video series was coming I wouldn’t of bought the pear video!

  12. architectus777

    I checked out the mermaid, which I thought was pretty cool. But why did you only put scales on one side of her face?

  13. architectus777

    I know what you mean. I’ve been using Photoshop and other art programs now for ten years, so it is like second nature, but when you first start out, it can seem impossible.

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