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Some photographers like to make extra money and sell their photos to agencies for Stock Photos. There are millions of these agencies in the world and you can find them all in the Internet. Some will require exclusive rights and other will not. In all cases is a contract to be signed on line and a summary of payments.

According to the Cheshire Wedding Photographers, the best known agencies are Shutterstoc and Stockphoto.

There are different kinds of licenses to take into consideration:

Royalty Free and Right Managed Licensing both types differ in the allowed use of the photos. All contracts are custom made when it refers to Rights managed, while in Royalty free, the contracts are standard. Royalty Free are sold by the image and they have a standard price. Right managed images are expensive and the agency sells them for you.

All photos are copyrighted; the owners are the photographers or the agencies, depending on what your contract reads. An image passes to the public domain (copyright free) after the copyright term expires. Copyleft still requires a license.

First, look for SEO keywords related to stock photography, and then match your images with the words. You will be surprised at how many photos you have in your computer that with a little touching software (Adobe, Photoshop, etc.) you could sell. You won’t be a millionaire overnight unless your picture makes it to a big corporation for general use or a magazine.

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