Peter Van receives award

Magnum photographer Peter Van was given $30,000 W. Eugene Smith Grant in the field of Humanistic photography. The event took place on Wednesday at the School of Visual Arts, New York City and it was attended by renowned photojournalists like Paolo Pellegrin, Anne Kenneally and James Nachtwey.

The W. Eugene Smith Grant was established in the year 1978. This grant is denoted as the most respected award in the history of photography. The grant is named after the name of the renowned photographer whose agonizing pics clicked during World War II displays an unbelievable as well as an emotional view of human cost during the war.

During that time, this grant was given to identify a photographer having evidenced an excellent commitment to document the human state in terms of the true spirit of Smith’s photography as well as devoted empathy.

Peter Van has long been working on one of his finest project “If It is Willed”. The project is all about the recent wars that broke out in Iraq and Afghanistan along with their effects within the United States. This was amongst his accessible work that displayed the inner side of the ongoing wars via Afghan and Iraqi views that helped him earn the honor of the year.

Not only that, an additional fellowship of $5,000 was awarded to one of the finest photographer, Massimo Berruti for his incredible work on a project entitled The Dusty Path. The project showed an overall combination of works scrutinizing the victims of strikes, fight against militancy and much more.

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