David LaChapelle to have exhibition on Bangkok

David LaChapelle, the well known artist and fashion photographer, will be on his debut tour to the city of Angels to display his masterpieces in the “Smirnoff Midnight Circus” party.

Well known for his unique vision when working with well known faces like Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears and Madonna, David has made an interactional art installation that will be demonstrated exclusively in this event in Asia for the very first time.

There is a little scope to see the hyper realistic snaps by this American photographer who photographs have braced the pages and covers of well known magazines like i-D, Rolling Stone, GQ, Vanity Fair, French Vogue and Italian Vogue.

After founding himself as a habitué in contemporary photography, David settled to branch out and direct documentary films, live theatrical events and music videos. In the year 2006, he determined to minimize his involvement in commercial photography and come back to his roots by concentrating on fine art photography. After that he had showcased both in commercial galleries as well as leading public institutions across the world.

Also ready to inflame the excitement and fun in each party goers will be Christian Carlsson, who is a member of Miike Snow (Swedish pop band), The Toxic Avenger (French based house deejay) and Groove Riders’ Burin Boonwisut.

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